Warrior Lilith “Mutation”! (“Spawn”) Series-23 “Rare-Vintage” (2003) 


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Warrior Lilith “Mutation”! (“Spawn”) Series-23 “Rare-Vintage” (2003) 

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Description & Product Information

Warrior Lilith “Mutation”! (“Spawn”)! ***See Photographs!***

*Note: With a void in the hierarchy of Heaven, the position of top Hellspawn hunter must now be filled by the will of the Seraphim.
The title of Hunter Prime will go to the one who can slay the most troublesome of all Hellspawn — the one formerly known as Al Simmons. Undaunted, the first heavenly creature – known as Warrior Lilith — descends upon Earth to begin the hunt.

Action Assessories Includes:

  • Warrior LilithAction Figure!
  • Detailed!
  • Articulated!
  • Massive Weapons!
  • Accessorized!
  • Paint: “Original” Paint!
  • Format: Action Figure!
  • Packaging: Clamshell!
  • Scale: 6 inches tall!

McFarlane Toys-2003

Condition: Mint-MOC!

location @garage_(Boxed-Spawn)(3) 05-19-2006

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