Tenjho-Tenge “Maya Natsume” (Tokube Special Edition Vol. 1 Vintage Collection) “Rare-Vintage” (2004)

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Tenjho-Tenge “Maya Natsume” (Tokube Special Edition Vol. 1 Vintage Collection)
Tenjho Tenge Special Edition-01ab

*Maya Natsume*..
*This sometimes buxom lady has learned to control her chi by shrinking herself to the size of a small girl.
*Imported from Japan!..


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Tenjho-Tenge “Maya Natsume” (Tokube Special Edition Vol. 1 Vintage Collection) “Rare-Vintage” (2004)Tenjho Tenge Special Edition-01a

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*Maya Natsume*..
*This sometimes buxom lady has learned to control her chi by shrinking herself to the size of a small girl.
*This control of hers also presents itself in her combat ability which is nothing to shrug at.

*The leader of the Juken Club and an opponent of the Executive Council, Maya openly takes pride in her club and will defend it against all who would oppose it.
*Little is known of her past, but she apparently has quite a history with Mistuomi Takayanagi, the leader of the Executive Council.
*She also had a relationship with her older brother that might appear to be more than sister and brother.

**”REALISTIC DETAIL”**Action Figure…
*Imported from Japan!..

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81 / 100

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  1. Paul Cunningham

    **Tenjho Tenge – (V.1) Round One -thru- (V.7) Round Seven** “DVD Movies..

    *Volume-V.1) Round One w/LE Collector’s Box..
    Souichiro and Bob want to rule their new school, but just as they begin cracking heads, their plan is shot to hell. First there’s the Natsume sisters and their Juuken Club. If the older sister, Maya, isn’t kicking their ass, then the younger sister, Aya, is trying to force feed Souichiro and make him her husband. Then there’s the Student Executive Council that sends executioners to “educate” anyone who questions the council’s authority! Their education is just beginning!

    Some high school students do homework. Some have secret crushes. And some just like to fight…and fight…and fight! School romance and fist-action frenzy highlight the brand-new anime, ‘Tenjho Tenge,’ as well as its slam-bang music from the series’ original soundtrack, ‘Tenjho Tenge Great Disc.1.’ This 19-track CD includes two audio drama tracks and three vocal songs, including the hyper-infectious opening theme, ‘Bomb A Head! V’ and the addictively danceable J-Pop ending theme, ‘Aishitene motto.

    Maya decides to break up the Juken Club’s combat training camp with a recreational trip to the bowling alley. Unfortunately, the Executive council takes advantage of their relaxation by sending all of their main
    Executioners to attack! How will the Juken club handle the combined might of the Council’s army and its elite members?!

    The head of the Executive Council has arrived and the Juken Club is in for some major schooling. During this time Aya begins feeling the true power of the Dragon Eye as it compels her to destroy her enemies. With this over-powering emotion, will Aya be able to retain her own identity? This is only the beginning as the age old conflict between Maya of the Juken Club and Mitsuomi of the Executive Council is brought to light.

    Sword of Judgement! Shin Natsume is Maya’s older brother and leader of the motorcycle gang, Katana. However, there is someone taking out their members. Bunshichi and Mitsuomi seek out the culprit and are surprised with what they find. In the end Bunshicihi will find himself pitted against the most powerful fighter he has ever witnessed.

    After the bloody fight between Shin and Bunshichi, the Katana gang breaks up and Mitsuomi’s life is forever changed. Back to the present, the Juken club’s resolve has grown ever stronger with Maya’s story – a much needed source of strength when the entire school targets the club after their incident with the Executive Council. But then another bomb is dropped when Maya receives a severe sentence by the school.

    After Maya’s dismissal from school, Souichiro and Bob also submit their resignation from school in protest. Meanwhile, Aya disappears with the Shin’s cursed sword, the Choukto-reiki. With Dragon’s Eye growing hold over Aya along with Shin’s sword, both Maya and Mitsuomi fear that history will repeat itself and Aya will continue the path of blood that her older brother started in the past.

    The Imperial match tournament has begun and the natural pair of Mitsuomi and Maya are more than enough to create a name for the Juken Club. Meanwhile, Dogen Takayanagi and Fu Chen continue their plans for the birth of the true warrior and, in so doing, unleash the deadly Dragon’s Eye residing in Shin, a mistake that will forever alter Shin’s friendship with Mitsuomi.

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