Pokémon Forest Adventure (Pikachu #25) Series-1 Retired 1999


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Pokémon Forest Adventure (Pikachu #25) Series-1 Retired 1999
*!!!!”Gotta Catch’em all”!!!*
*NRFC…Condition: Mint…MOC..
**1st Release 1999 – #560124.0100**
*Originally developed as a Nintendo Game Boy video game in 1995, Pokemon took on a life of its own in merchandising possibilities. With books, movies, a television series, toys, trading cards, and games, there was no shortage of Pokemon items available. The name Pokemon came from the shortened version of its original name, “Pocket Monsters.”

(A Boy and His Pikachu)..
*The main character in the series is a boy named Ash Ketchum, who is on a quest to become the best Pokemon Master. His first Pokemon, Pikachu, along with his friends Brock, Misty (and sometimes others), have many adventures together discovering different species of Pokemon. Players catch and train Pokemon creatures and use them in competitions. Each character has certain powers which the Pokemon trainer can use to battle other characters.

*Of course, there is always a visit from the bad guys, Team Rocket (consisting of Meowth, Jessie and James), who try to steal Pikachu in a variety of unsuccessful ways. Interestingly, Meowth is the only Pokemon character, aside from the humans, who can talk. All of the other Pokemon only speak their name.

(Pokemon Types)..
*Each Pokemon character is classified by type, and that, in turn, identifies their strength. For instance, there are electric, fire, grass, ice, water, and other types. As they build strength, the Pokemon evolve into other creatures and increase their strengths. This accounts for why there are so many Pokemon in existence

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