Legolas And Gimli on Horseback

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Legolas And Gimli on Horseback
Armies of Middle-Earth…
WARRIORS AND BATTLE BEAST (“Battle Scale Figures”)

MFG…Play Along Toys..
This “Horse and Rider” set comes with a horse and two action figures: Legolas and Gimli.
Both figures are sculpted into a “horse riding” pose and fit nicely onto the horse.
Legolas has twist joints on his shoulders and no other articulation.
Gimli’s waist twists, but he has no other articulation.
The horse is sculpted in a galloping pose, with only the hind feet touching the ground.
The horse has an additional (clear) peg to hold him upright on the display base.
Legolas can hold the reins in one hand and a sword in the other. The sword is removable.
Gimli is wielding a battle axe, but the axe can be taken out of his hand.
Legolas has a bow and a quiver with arrows sculpted onto his back.

2 / 100

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  1. Paul Cunningham

    Legolas & Gimli on Horseback
    The Lord of the Rings: the Armies of Middle Earth product line from Play Along Toys is made to a small (under 3 inches) scale, so it is easy to display many figures and sets in a small space. Despite the small size, the Armies of Middle Earth toys are finely sculpted and painted, with many details. For example, there are three different colors of paint on the quiver for Legolas, with some of the details sculpted as well. Another example, the stirrups for the saddle are sculpted onto the feet of the Legolas figure, but line up perfectly when he is on the horse. In addition to the “Warriors and Battle Beasts” sets, the Armies of Middle Earth product line also has 3-packs of figures and playsets with loads of accessories.

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