Jeff  Hardy & Matt Hardy -“Twist Of Fate-Variant Set”! (Finishing Moves-WWF-WrestleMania XVII”) Series-1 “Rare-Vintage” (2000) 


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SKU: Jeff  Hardy & Matt Hardy -"Twist Of Fate-Variant Set"! (Finishing Moves-WWF-WrestleMania XVII”) Series-1 “Rare-Vintage” (2000)  Category:


Jeff  Hardy & Matt Hardy -“Twist Of Fate-Variant Set”! (Finishing Moves-WWF-WrestleMania XVII”) Series-1 “Rare-Vintage” (2000) 

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**Jeff Hardy -“Blond Hair” &  Matt Hardy -“Black Hair”! (“Twist Of Fate Variant Finishing Moves Set”) Series-1***See Photographs!***

**This is the first run of these figures and they packaged them backwards with Jeff (Blonde Hair) doing the move on Matt (Black Hair) instead of the other way around.**

**All subsequent releases switched them and are packed differently. This is a very rare variation on this Highly Popular Set.**
Comments: Jeff and Matt Hardy- From Finishing Moves. The patented moves is known as “Twist of Fate”Jeff and Matt Hardy-Boyz.

These new two packs, which take the place of the Double Slam two-packs, feature new body styles that have an astounding 19 points of articulation and are able to duplicate the unique finishing moves utilized by the various wrestlers in the WWF.

The first series features 3 sets of WWF Superstars: Jeff and Matt Hardy, The Rock vs. Triple H and Chris Jericho vs. Kurt Angle.

*Note: Real Scan Action Figure And Is Poseable with “A first ever release of 19+ points of Articulation”!

Action Assessories Includes:

  • Jeff and Matt Hardy”! Finishing Moves Action Figures!
  • Authentic Ring Assessories (Black Action Full Length “Real Cloth Jeans”)! 
  • 2-Ring Action 1-inch Circular “Finishing Moves-WrestleMania XVII Collector’s Cards”!
  • Scale: 7 Inch!
  • Poseable with A 1st Ever Astounding 19 points of Articulation (“More Than Any WWF  Action Figure”)!!!
  • Real Scan!
  • Titan Tron Live Ready!

Jakks Pacific-2000

Asst. #W92020

UPC: #03989792020

Condition: Mint-MOC!

location @Blu-Shed-(Compaq-Box-WWF)(1) 10-30-2006

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