Deirdre (Battle Side Car) MYSTIC KNIGHTS (Series 1) 1998


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Deirdre (Battle Side Car) MYSTIC KNIGHTS (Series 1) 1998
Ban Dai (Mystic Knights) 1998
Ban-Dai Original – 1998

DEIRDRE (“Battle Side Car”) 1998


Join the Mystic Knights on their quest to bring peace to the Lands of Kells.

Journey with them to the enchanted underworld of Tir na Nog where the roguish little people may be friend or foe.

Discover mystical armor and fantastic flying dragons.

Evil lurks in every shadow…terrible ogres…mighty giants…and other fierce creatures sent by one even more powerful and sinister…Maeve, Queen of Temra. Adventure, danger, and magic…the epic journey begins!

Contents includes: Bonus Castle Pop-Up!

Product Release: Series-1

Action Figure Included…

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