Alien Spawn 2 “Rust-Original” “Alternate Realities”! (“Spawn”) Series-21 “Rare-Vintage” (2002) 


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Alien Spawn 2 “Rust-Original” “Alternate Realities”! (“Spawn”) Series-21 “Rare-Vintage” (2002) 

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Description & Product Information

Alien Spawn 2 “Rust-Original” “Alternate Realities”! (“Spawn”)! ***See Photographs!***

*Note: This figure features some of the most distinct craftsmanship to date, with useful articulation, extreme detail and neat accessories!

This figure is the”Original” created in Rust Color. (Version A)
Alien Spawn is 8 inches tall.
This vicious creature sports 15 points of articulation (neck, ball-joint shoulders, right biceps, left elbow, wrists, ball-jointed chest, ball-jointed hips, knees, feet and left toes.
Alien Spawn’s wings can attach to his back and arms.
Alien Spawn is being offered in two versions.
Version A-created in Rust Color Rust.
Version B-created in Green color Variant.
Both versions are identical except in color variation.

Action Assessories Includes:

  • Alien Spawn 2 “Rust-Original” “Spawn”! Action Figure!
  • Detailed!
  • Articulated!
  • Attachable Wings!
  • Accessorized!
  • Paint: Original Paint!
  • Format: Action Figure!
  • Packaging: Clamshell!
  • Scale: 8 inches tall!
  • Articulation with over 15+ points!

McFarlane Toys-2002

Condition: Mint-MOC!

location @garage_(Boxed-Spawn)(2) 05-20-2006

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