Action Pack (John Glenn) “Journey Of An American Hero!” (Hotwheels-Multiple Pack Set 1:55 Scale) “Rare-Vintage” (1998)

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Action Pack (John Glenn) “Journey Of An American Hero!” (Hotwheels-Multiple Pack Set 1:55 Scale)1998 Action Pack (John Glenn) “Journey Of An American Hero!” (4)1998 Action Pack (John Glenn) “Journey Of An American Hero!” (2)

*This Multi-Pack Vehicles Edition was Released In “1998” from Mattel Toys.

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Action Pack (John Glenn) “Journey Of An American Hero!” (Hotwheels-Multiple Pack Set 1:55 Scale) “Rare-Vintage” (1998)

**This Item Is No-Longer Available From Mattel Toys**1998 Action Pack (John Glenn) “Journey Of An American Hero!” (4)1998 Action Pack (John Glenn) “Journey Of An American Hero!” (1)

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***Please View Photographs! ***Action Pack (John Glenn) “Journey Of An American Hero!” (Hotwheels-Multiple Pack Set 1:55 Scale)

**Please Note “Product Information: This Collector Vehicle Set, Video, Plate, Sports Card, Virtual Pet, Action Figure Set Has a 24 Year Age Factor and are no longer available from the Manufacture. (“Discontinued Packaging”), “May Have Slight Shelf Wear”, Slightly Bent Cardboard Corners, Dents in Plastic Areas, & Minor Scratches. Some Packaging Clarity Distortion “May Occur Due to aging of Packaging Only, etc.”* 

*This Multi-Pack Vehicles Edition was Released In “1998” from Mattel Toys.

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*Pack Contents: (5-Piece Set) *…
**COMMEMORATING MISSION STS-95 (“1962-1998”) **
**”JOHN GLENN”. Great American Hero**…

*First American to Orbit the earth*.
*On February 20, 1962, John Glenn, one of the first seven astronauts in the U.S. Space program, strapped into the 9-by-6-foot Mercury Capsule, Friendship 7, and orbited the Earth three times in just 4 Hours, 55 Minutes.
*That’s 17,500 mph!
*Astronaut Glenn received the Space Congressional Medal of Honor for this pioneering journey.

*FIRST OHIOAN to Win Four Consecutive Terms in the U.S. Senate*
*In 1974 he made his first trip to Capitol Hill after winning the Ohio election.
*Senator Glenn’s work has focused on technical and scientific issues, education, and controlling the spread of nuclear weapons.
*He will retire at the end of his fourth term in 1998.

*On October 29, 1998, Astronaut Glenn, 77, will lift off with the Mission STS-95 crew as payload specialist aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery.
*Hie 10-day voyage will help scientists study the effects of space flight and aging.
*And his courage will inspire millions of Americans once again as he rockets into space exploration history!

**SPACE SHUTTLE DISCOVERY (scale) 1:506. The Real Friendship 7 would fit into one of the main engine nozzle’s of the Real Space Shuttle!

**Mercury Friendship 7 (scale)1:55.


Produced By: Mattel
Year: 1998
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  1. Paul Cunningham

    John Herschel Glenn, Jr. (Colonel, USMC, Ret.)
    NASA Astronaut


    Born July 18, 1921 in Cambridge, Ohio. Married to the former Anna Margaret Castor of New Concord, Ohio. They have two grown children and two grandchildren.


    Glenn attended primary and secondary schools in New Concord, Ohio. He attended Muskingum College in New Concord and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering. Muskingum College also awarded him an honorary Doctor of Science degree in engineering. He has received honorary doctoral degrees from nine colleges or universities.


    Glenn has been awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross on six occasions, and holds the Air Medal with 18 Clusters for his service during World War II and Korea. Glenn also holds the Navy Unit Commendation for service in Korea, the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal, the American Campaign Medal, the World War II Victory Medal, the China Service Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, the Korean Service Medal, the United Nations Service Medal, the Korean Presidential Unit Citation, the Navy’s Astronaut Wings, the Marine Corps’ Astronaut Medal, the NASA Distinguished Service Medal, and the Congressional Space Medal of Honor. On March 1, 1999, NASA renamed its Cleveland center the “John H. Glenn Research Center at Lewis Field” in his honor.


    He entered the Naval Aviation Cadet Program in March 1942 and was graduated from this program and commissioned in the Marine Corps in 1943. After advanced training, he joined Marine Fighter Squadron 155 and spent a year flying F-4U fighters in the Marshall Islands.

    During his World War II service, he flew 59 combat missions. After the war, he was a member of Marine Fighter Squadron 218 on the North China patrol and served on Guam. From June 1948 to December 1950 Glenn was an instructor in advanced flight training at Corpus Christi, Texas. He then attended Amphibious Warfare Training at Quantico, Virginia. In Korea he flew 63 missions with Marine Fighter Squadron 311. As an exchange pilot with the Air Force Glenn flew 27 missions in the F-86 Sabrejet. In the last nine days of fighting in Korea Glenn downed three MIG’s in combat along the Yalu River.

    After Korea, Glenn attended Test Pilot School at the Naval Air Test Center, Patuxent River, Maryland. After graduation, he was project officer on a number of aircraft. He was assigned to the Fighter Design Branch of the Navy Bureau of Aeronautics (now Bureau of Naval Weapons) in Washington from November 1956 to April 1959, during which time he also attended the University of Maryland.

    In July 1957, while project officer of the F8U Crusader, he set a transcontinental speed record from Los Angeles to New York, spanning the country in 3 hours and 23 minutes. This was the first transcontinental flight to average supersonic speed. Glenn has nearly 9,000 hours of flying time, with approximately 3,000 hours in jet aircraft.


    Glenn was assigned to the NASA Space Task Group at Langley Research Center, Hampton, Virginia, in April 1959 after his selection as a Project Mercury Astronaut. The Space Task Group was moved to Houston and became part of the NASA Manned Spacecraft Center (now Johnson Space Center) in 1962. Glenn flew on Mercury-6 (February 20, 1962) and STS-95 (October 29 to November 7, 1998), and has logged over 218 hours in space. Prior to his first flight, Glenn had served as backup pilot for Astronauts Shepard and Grissom. When astronauts were given special assignments to ensure pilot input into the design and development of spacecraft, Glenn specialized in cockpit layout and control functioning, including some of the early designs for the Apollo Project. Glenn resigned from the Manned Spacecraft Center on January 16, 1964. He was promoted to the rank of Colonel in October 1964 and retired from the Marine Corps on January 1, 1965. He was a business executive from 1965 until his election to the United States Senate in November 1974. Glenn retired from the U.S. Senate in January 1999.


    On February 20, 1962, Glenn piloted the Mercury-Atlas 6 “Friendship 7” spacecraft on the first manned orbital mission of the United States. Launched from Cape Canaveral (Florida) Launch Complex 14, he completed a successful three-orbit mission around the earth, reaching a maximum altitude (apogee) of approximately 162 statute miles and an orbital velocity of approximately 17,500 miles per hour. Glenn’s “Friendship 7” Mercury spacecraft landed approximately 800 miles southeast of Cape Canaveral in the vicinity of Grand Turk Island. Mission duration from launch to impact was 4 hours, 55 minutes, and 23 seconds.

    STS-95 Discovery (October 29 to November 7, 1998) was a 9-day mission during which the crew supported a variety of research payloads including deployment of the Spartan solar-observing spacecraft, the Hubble Space Telescope Orbital Systems Test Platform, and investigations on space flight and the aging process. The mission was accomplished in 134 Earth orbits, traveling 3.6 million miles in 213 hours and 44 minutes.

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