Treo 650 GSM Cingular-Smartphone (UnLocked-Palm One Corp) “NEW”


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Treo 650 GSM Cingular-Smartphone (UnLocked-Palm One Corp) “NEW”

**The Treo 650 smartphone is no longer available at**

***”NOTE NEW”!!****
This is The More Expensive (Blue Face Panel) “unlocked Cingular’s GSM Version” Purchased directly from Palm and can be used with other carriers.

*The Cingular and AT&T Wireless versions are locked to their respective carriers, so you’ll need to purchase the more expensive unlocked version directly from Palm if you wish to use the phone with other carriers.

*The Treo 650 is both a cell phone and a full-featured Palm OS PDA*

INCLUDES:..*Chargers, Battery, *Stylus, *Software CD, *Manual and *Original Palm One Packaging as Pictured.

***More than just talk***
*Phone, *email, *messaging, *web, *organizer and *digital camera

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