Sun “Boxed Set” (Lost TV Series-McFarlane Toys’) “Rare-Vintage” (Series 2) 2007


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Sun “Boxed Set” (Lost TV Series-McFarlane Toys’) “Rare-Vintage” (Series 2) 2007

**This Item Is No-Longer Available From McFarlane Toys**

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Sun “Boxed Set” (Lost TV Series-McFarlane Toys’)!

*Note: This Box set features some of the most distinct craftsmanship to date, with useful articulation, extreme detail and neat accessories. 

*Inspired by LOST Season 1, Episode 15, “…In Translation.” When Oceanic Flight 815 crashes on a seemingly deserted island, Sun and her husband Jin must face the problems of their crumbling marriage. She gradually finds her independence, and in the conclusion of this pivotal episode, sheds her restrictive clothing in an act of defiance and newfound freedom.*

Every passenger aboard doomed Flight 815 carried a boarding pass. This exact reproduction of the Oceanic boarding pass sleeve is available for the first time exclusively from McFarlane Toys! Sound: “Have you never lied to a man you’ve loved ” – “I was going to leave you….. I was going to get away” – “My wedding ring … it’s gone!” – Spoken in Korean: “I’m not saying you should go alone. I’m coming with you.” 

Includes a full-scale replica of Sun’s Oceanic boarding pass sleeve.

**Please Note “Product Information: This Action Figure Has a 11+ Years Age Factor and are no longer available from the Manufacture (“Discontinued”), packaging may have slight shelf wear (slightly bent cardboard or plastic corners, minor scratches etc). Figure (s) and all assessories inside packaging are perfect and come sealed in their “Original Factory Released Format Packaging”!!**

Action Assessories Includes:

  • “Sun”! Action Figures!
  • Detailed!
  • Sun’s Oceanic Boarding Pass Sleeve! 
  • 8 Voice Sounds!
  • Paint: original paint
  • Scale: 6 inches
  • Format: action figure
  • Packaging: boxed
  • Year:2007

Mcfarlane: Series-2

Age: 5+

Condition: MIP

McFarlane Toys

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