Pokemon (Trading Card Game) “2-Player Starter Set” (Wizards Of The Coast Collection Series) “Rare-Vintage” (1999)


Pokemon (Trading Card Game) “2-Player Starter Set” Pokemon Trading Card Game (2-Player Starter Set) (00)

This 2-Player Starter Set Edition Series, was Released In “1999” from Wizards Of The Coast.

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Pokemon (Trading Card Game) “2-Player Starter Set” (Wizards Of The Coast Collection Series) “Rare-Vintage” (1999)

**This Item Is No-Longer Available From Wizards Of The Coast** Pokemon Trading Card Game (2-Player Starter Set) (00)

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Description & Product Information: 

***Please View Photographs!***Pokemon (Trading Card Game) “2-Player Starter Set”

**Please Note “Product Information”: This Collector Plate, Action Figure Has a 21+ Years Age Factor and are no longer available from the Manufacture (“Discontinued”), Packaging “May Have” Slight Shelf Wear (Slightly Bent Cardboard Corners, Dents in Plastic Areas, Minor Scratches, Also Some Packaging Clarity Distortment “May Occur”, Due to aging Packaging Only etc). Figure (s) and all accessories inside packaging are perfect and come sealed in their “Original Factory Released Format Packaging”!!

*This 2-Player Starter Set Edition Series, was Released In “1999” from Wizards Of The Coast.





**”RARE OUT OF PRINT Trading Card Game 2 Player Starter Set”**


*All Gaming Cards “Never” Touched By Human Hands.

*The Use Of Clean-Room Protective Gloves Were Used To Transfer And Seal In Plastic Sleeves.*

CONDITION: MINT…Sealed Since Release Date (1999) “ONE OWNER”

*The 2-Player Starter Set is a special beginners deck from the Base Set of the Pokémon Trading Card Game.
*The 2-Player Starter Set includes 61 cards unlike the Theme Decks released alongside Base Set, which include 60.

*As the 2-Player Starter Set is designed to introduce players to the TCG, the cards are split into two 30-card decks.

*The First Deck, which focuses on “Pokémon”, and The Second Deck, which focuses on “Pokémon”.

*As the only Stage 2 Pokémon in the set, the additional Machamp card is included to booster the deck. *The 2-Player Starter Set also includes a starter rules sheet, rulebook, damage counters, and card list.

*The set does not include a coin, though none of the Pokémon found in the set require one for any of their attacks.

*The Machamp card is exclusive to the 2-Player Starter Set, and cannot be found in Base Set booster packs.

*This card was only printed commercially as a 1st Edition card, with the only non-1st Edition versions included in the Trainer Deck A*….


Quantity Card Type Rarity
*3× Diglett
*4× Machop
*2× Machoke
*1× Machamp
*4× Ponyta
*4× Charmander
*2× Charmeleon
*1× Growlithe
*2× Rattata
*1× Dratini
*1× Bill T
*1× Energy Removal T
*1× Energy Retrieval T
*1× Gust of Wind T
*1× Pokédex T
*2× Potion T
*2× Switch T
*14× Fighting Energy E —
*14× Fire Energy E —
*10× Damage Counters
*1× Starter Game Guide
*1× Full Color Rule Book
**UPC: WOC06057/42818060578….
**ISBN: 1-57530-798-7…

Produced By: Wizards Of The Coast
Year: 1999
**location@garage_Boxed(“Poke’mon Starter Sets Green/Black Box”)(1)09/12/2016…

95 / 100

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