Mack Metals “Trailer-Red”! (Disney Pixar Cars 3 “Jada 1/24 Scale Diecast” Adult Collector) “Limited Release” (2017)

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Mack Metals “Trailer-Red”! (Disney Pixar Cars 3 “Jada 1/24 Scale Diecast” Adult Collector) “Limited Release” (2017)

**This Item Is No-Longer Available From Jada/Disney**

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2017 DISNEY PIXAR CARS 3 Jada Diecast 1/24 Scale  Mack (Metals Die Cast)..

**Please Note “Product Information”: This Action Figure Has a 2+ Years Age Factor and are no longer available from the Manufacture (“Discontinued”), Packaging “May Have” Slight Shelf Wear (Slightly Bent Cardboard Corners, Dents in Plastic Areas, Minor Scratches, Also Some Packaging Clarity Distortment “May Occur”, Due to aging Packaging Only etc). Figure (s) and all assessories inside packaging are perfect and come sealed in their “Original Factory Released Format Packaging”!!**

Mack is Lightning McQueen’s trusted long-haul driver, crisscrossing the country from race to race, always with a smile on his grill. After dropping McQueen off in Radiator Springs with his fourth Piston Cup championship trophy, Mack sets off with the rest of the pit crew for a well-deserved vacation. Who knew that McQueen would end up jetting off to a race around the globe in the World Grand Prix?

Mack makes a couple minor appearances as part of McQueen’s Piston Cup racing team. He also has some slight differences in his design in this film, possibly to take on McQueen’s own redesign: while in the original film his cap-shaped wind deflector is white, here it is red. The design of his trailer is also different.

“VERY HARD TO FIND JADA Disney Pixar Cars 3 Die Cast 1:24 Scale”


  • Metal Body
  • Rubber Tires
  • Detailed Exterior
  • Dimensions Approximately Length: 10.5 inches (X) Width: 4.0 inches (X) Height: 6.5 inches

***Disney/Pixar Animated Movie Cars 3***
Scale: 1:24 Die Cast

Product #:98103
Format: Die Cast Cars
Packaging: Window Box

Manufacturer: Jada

 Ages 8 Plus / Adult Collector
Year: 2017
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