Lotus Warrior Angel 2 (Regenerated “Rare-Variant”)! (“Spawn Regenerated Series”) Series-28 “Rare-Vintage” (2005)


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Lotus Warrior Angel 2 (Regenerated “Rare-Variant”)! (“Spawn Regenerated Series”) Series-28 “Rare-Vintage” (2005) 

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Lotus Warrior Angel 2 (Regenerated “Rare-Variant”)! (“Spawn Regenerated Series”)! ***See Photographs!***

Dressed for battle, the completely resculpted figure comes with skull shield, three swords and base. 6 1/2 inches to top of headdress, 8 1/4 inches to top of raised shield, on base. 15 points of articulation: shoulders, wrists on two arms, biceps on four arms, neck and calves.

*Note: The Spawn Regenerated Series. Spawn fans are sure to love the vast selection … six regular figures,one boxed set, one Club exclusive — of ultra-detailed action figures in Series 28, each bringing two-dimensional comic book art to screaming three-dimensional life. This figure features some of the most distinct craftsmanship to date, with useful articulation, extreme detail and neat accessories.
The Spawn Regenerated Series 28 houses six of the most popular McFarlane comic book characters, each sculpted using the two-dimensional comic book artwork as reference.
Detailed. Articulated. Accessorized. And entirely based on the Spawn family of Spawn Regenerated!

Action Assessories Includes:

  • Lotus Warrior Angel 2 (Regenerated-“Rare-Variant”)! Action Figure!
  • Detailed!
  • Articulation: 15 Point Of Articulation!
  • Skull!
  • Shield!
  • Three Swords!
  • Action Base!
  • Paint: Original-(“Rare-Variant”)!
  • Format: Action Figure!
  • Packaging: Clamshell!
  • Scale: 6 Inches!
  • Ages: 8+
  • UPC: #87926-11382

McFarlane Toys-2005

Condition: Mint-MOC!

location@garage/Blu-Shed(Boxed “Spawn Regenerated Series 28”)(1) 05/19/2006

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