KAYLEY (“Quest for Camelot”) 1998

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KAYLEY (“Quest for Camelot”) 1998

**(With Excalibur Battle Sword and Bladebeak the Mutant Chicken)**

*Excalibur, King Arthur’s magical sword, is lost somewhere in the Forbidden Forest….

*Meanwhile, Kayley dreams of being a knight like her father.
*When Ruber storms her house, capturing her mother, Kayley takes flight to fulfill her dream and prove herself worthy of a place at King Arthur’s Round Table.
*She meets up with Garrett and together they battle Ruber’s heavily armed henchmen, overcome a giant ogre and escape other monsters in the Forbidden Forest as they struggle to return Excalibur to King Arthur.

Manufacturer: Hasbro
Asst No: 75100
Item No: 75101
Year Released: 1997
Height: 5.75 inches
UPC No: 76281 75101
Ages 4 And Up
Warner Bros: WB TOY

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