Dr Doom “Human Face” (Marvel Legends) Series-2 “Rare-Vintage” (2002)

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Dr Doom “Human Face” (Marvel Legends) Series-2 “Rare-Vintage” (2002)

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*Dr Doom “Human Face” (Marvel Legends) Series-2! ****See Photographs!***

**Please Note “Product Information:This Action Figure Has a 16+ Years Age Factor and are no longer available from the Manufacture (“Discontinued”), packaging may have slight shelf wear (slightly bent cardboard or plastic corners, minor scratches etc). Figure (s) Vehicle (s) and all assessories inside packaging are perfect and come sealed in their “Original Factory Released Format Packaging”!!**

Marvel Legends – Series 2….Dr Doom “Human Face” Action Figure
Dr Doom is the premier antagonist of the Fantastic Four, and to his credit he usually fights them to a standstill alone when there are four of them. He was originally planned for the first wave but was moved back to the second as they tweaked his sculpt and design. Doom’s turn-on’s are ruling the world, beating Reed Richards, full body armor and the color green. His turn-off’s are losing, dolts, curs, idiots, Reed Richards, democracy and lawyers. (The guy isn’t all bad!) When he isn’t thinking up or executing a scheme for world domination he likes to lounge around his huge castle with only his mask on. He doesn’t do this much.

Dr. Doom is far more articulated than any Reed Richards figure, and numbers aren’t always the best way to describe them. Doom had ball jointed shoulders and thighs, bicep twists, bending elbows, twisting wrists, joints in the hands for moving the fingers in unison with the left had sculpted like a fist and the right hand sculpted more along the Uncle Sam ‘I Want You’ pose. Doom’s head can twist and bend forward and back, he has a waist twist, mid-thigh twists, bending knees, and bending ankles. The ankles incorporate the same joint from earlier Legends figures that allows the foot to move side to side on the ankle, and the feet have mid-foot joints so they can bend.

Doom’s cape is removable and is made of a softer plastic material so it isn’t rigidly in place, and it covers his back (which is complete with jets sculpted on). The skirt of his tunic is also the same softer plastic, so it doesn’t hamper the thigh articulation. Doom’s mask is removable to reveal the face of Doom underneath. The model for the face is relatively unblemished with simply a small scar on the cheek, and comedian Andy Secunda was used as a basis. While this face is inconsistent with Doom’s comics history (he did have a relatively minor scar until he visited the monks who built his armor and he was so impatient he put it on while still hot and it scarred his face severely), it still works for the figure. The mask fits very snugly and does rub the face when being removed and replaced, so if you do this often you will see marks on the figure’s face (perhaps making his scars more like the true Doom).

Doom has a comic included (Fantastic Four # 247) and comes with a wall-mountable base. The base is a castle parapet from which Doom may survey all he is master of. He can also spit on people who walk underneath him, providing hours of amusement. Doom also carries a pistol, which can be removed from the holster to pop a cap into any nuisance, like door-to-door salesmen.

Condition: ..MIP

Paint: ..Original paint

Variation: ..Not a variant or chase

Scale: ..6-inch Format: action figure

Packaging: ..Clamshell

Marvel Legends Series 2

Marvel Legends Figures

Year 2002 Toy Biz

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