Alice -“The Brady Bunch Doll” (“Exclusive Premiere Limited Edition Collector’s Series”) “Rare-Vintage” (1998)

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Alice -“The Brady Bunch Doll” (“Exclusive Premiere Limited Edition Collector’s Series”) “Rare-Vintage” (1998)

**This Item Is No-Longer Available From Exclusive Premiere /Paramount Pictures**

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**Please Note “Product Information: This Action Figure (or) Vehicle, etc Has a 20 Years Age Factor and are no longer available from the Manufacture (“Discontinued”), packaging may have slight shelf wear (slightly bent cardboard or plastic corners, minor scratches etc). Figure (s) Vehicle (s) and all assessories inside packaging are perfect and come sealed in their “Original Factory Released Format Packaging”!!**

*Alice as portrayed by actress Ann B. Davis in the popular television series.
*Dressed in her blue dress, white apron and white shoes.
*THE BRADY BUNCH “Alice” Poseable Figure Stands 9 1/2″.

*Limited Edition Collector’s Series, 1998 Paramount Pictures*
***NRFB..Condition: Mint..***

*Accessories include:
*A bag of groceries.
*A display stand.

Produced By: Exclusive Premiere
Item: #16051…
Year: 1998


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1 review for Alice -“The Brady Bunch Doll” (“Exclusive Premiere Limited Edition Collector’s Series”) “Rare-Vintage” (1998)

  1. Paul Cunningham

    **The Brady Bunch**
    “TV Character Bios”

    **”Alice and the Brady Family”**

    *As the years passed, Alice quietly watched as each and every member of the Brady family grew up and moved on with their own lives. But age and distance never mattered to Alice. For whenever one the Brady’s needed some advice or a friendly shoulder to cry on, Alice was always there to lend a hand, no matter what time of day or night a problem arose. Especially the night in 1988 when Mr. Brady got trapped in a construction site building collapse. Alice and the family were never closer that holiday eve. Thankfully, Mike was rescued and everyone spent a very special Brady Christmas together.

    *What happened to the Bradys? Well, Mike Brady retired and got elected to the City Council [with 13,119 votes]. (For a short time in the late 1970s Mike Brady moved the family to a beachfront home and gave up his career as an architect so that the family could star in their own TV variety show.) Carol earned a living as a real estate agent [working for Willowbrook Realty and Advantage Properties]. The oldest son, Greg became a doctor, married Nora, a nurse and had a child named Kevin. Jan followed in her father

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